Butternut Squash Bread

Butternut Squash Bread Butternut Squash Bread
fall spices and butternut squash make for a moist, delicious bread that will have you saying - oh my gourd!


Time: 2hr 35min (prep: 25min / inactive: 1hr 10min (including cooling time) / bake: 1hr)
Makes: 2 loaf cakes


2 1/4cup granulated sugar
1/2tsp salt
1tsp cinnamon
1/2tsp pumpkin spice
2tsp baking soda
3 1/2cup all-purpose flour
1cup vegetable oil
2/3cup water
2cups butternut squash
1tsp vanilla extract
1cup walnuts (chopped)
1cup powdered sugar
1tsp cinnamon
1/2tsp vanilla extract
2-3tbsp water


1. Peel, deseed, and cut the butternut squash into ~1.5” chunks. Tip: wear gloves, if the butternut squash is not completely ripe, it secretes sap that irritates the skin
2. Place 2 cups of chunks into a large saucepan. Cover in water and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer for 15min or until tender. Drain and let cool to room temp
3. Mash the squash by pushing through a sieve or pulsing a few times in a food processor. Set aside
4. Spray 2 loaf pans with cooking spray. Preheat oven to 350°F
5. In a medium bowl, whisk together sugar, salt, cinnamon, pumpkin spice, baking soda, and flour
6. In a large bowl, combine eggs, oil, water, mashed butternut squash, and vanilla and mix until blended
7. Add the flour mixture into the wet ingredients until just combined
8. Fold in the walnuts
9. Pour into the 2 prepared loafs
10. Bake for ~1hr or until a tester inserted into the center comes out clean
11. Cool in pans for 10min before transferring to a wire rack to cool completely
12. For the cinnamon glaze, mix together powdered sugar, cinnamon, vanilla extract and 2 tbsp water
13. Test for consistency – take a spoonful of the glaze and drizzle it back into the bowl. It should leave a trail for a couple of seconds before flattening out. If it is too thick, add water 1 tsp at a time until you hit the right consistency
14. Drizzle cinnamon glaze over the cooled loafs and allow to harden before cutting and serving

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